A dream come true

For over a year, Matilda was convinced that Africa was a place you went horse riding. I figured it didn’t hurt to let her believe that a little. We had seen photos of horse riding in Malawi on someone else’s Blog and found the website for the stable they had been to. Ever since that day, Matilda has been praying “Please help me be able to go horse riding?” before she goes to sleep at night. We decided that as a special treat for her 4th birthday we would take her for a ride and so the sleeps countdown started about a month ago.

She’d been on a horse once before – Dusty – and loved it. But that was a while ago and little girls (especially feisty ones like Tilly) can be quite hard to predict so I was really hoping that she’d feel confident and have a good experience.

And she loved it! She wore her special birthday horsey shirt, had her hair done in plaits so her helmet would fit and jumped straight up onto Orchid’s back as soon as she got the chance. Maggie (or Aggie as Matilda kept calling her) was brilliant – she took such good care of us! The stables are beautiful! Tilly had such a wonderful time not only with the horses but the dog and kittens as well. So much so we had to drop in the next morning just to say hello.

We can’t wait to go back!

You can check out the stables here… Plateau Stables.

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4 thoughts on “A dream come true

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  1. Amazing, she is a natural Kath! Just has that confident, calm/cautious way about her…the horses would pick up on this 🙂 So so beautiful – Can’t wait to go horse riding with you!

  2. Amber says it looks like fun. Ben says thankyou for sending the pictures of Tilly. Mrs Patroni says she wishes she could go horseriding. Trai says you look happy.Leyla says you look great in the picture. Kayne says he thinks Tilly’s hair is beautiful

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