I’m pretty sure I never used to cry as much as I do these days. Maybe it’s something to do with getting older? It’s not just sad tears – I’ll cry at the drop of a hat about anything, good or bad. It’s kind of exhausting. And I’m not a pretty cry-er. My Aunty was the most beautiful cry-er I’ve ever seen – she didn’t even really look like she was crying but you knew she was and afterwards, she just went back to “normal” almost straight away. I get the tears, the snot and the blotchy red face that lasts for hours afterwards. It’s not a good look.

In the past couple of days I’ve cried because…
– I saw a photo on Facebook of all my beautiful nieces on the couch with some of my kids’ best friends and I really wished we could just hang out for a little while with them all too (not only for the company, just to be somewhere so clean would be mind boggling).
– We had a really, really good day on Saturday hanging out, praying, listening and encouraging and it was just so amazing to be part of such an great team who love each other so much and get on so well.
– I miss my sisters and my nieces and nephews so very much and I would so love to be there to help them, but I can’t and that just kinda sucks.
– Some of my amazing friends back home all got together on Sunday to pray for us, wow.
– A beautiful little two year old girl we know burnt herself with boiling water this morning and is now in hospital here and that is just heartbreaking.

It’s not an overwhelming sadness by any means. Things are really going well here. We’re learning Portuguese, settling in, we’re busy, we’re happy, life’s good. I just keep getting ambushed by the tears.

So anyway, I’d better stop there… pretty sure the warranty on this computer doesn’t cover salt water damage.

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