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Life has been incredibly busy here over the last few months – hence the lack of any blog posts here.  There has been the school year to finish, house renos to do, multiple trips to Malawi, Kaths jaunt to South Africa to get her broken foot treated, christmas and numerous other things that i think have been pushed out of my brain… so instead of writing really deep things I will just give a list of random things about life here in Lichinga.

  • A shop now sells locally made natural yoghurt.  
  • The quality of Chinese made fake crocs is quite high.  Kids ones cost about $2.
  • A meat shop has just opened.  Not really a butchers as the meat comes from Malawi and the shop is just full of freezers, but its ok.
  • You get to know the people who sell you things quite well.  I know that the indian dude at one shop has regained full use of his foot, that the woman who sells bananas and mangoes has recovered from malaria and that the bloke who sells milk still has a few stomach issues (not related to the milk… I think)
  • Electricity is starting to make its way out into more village areas
  • we have had over 220mm of rain for December
  • A new corner shop has opened across the road from our house with the main way of attracting business being to play LOUD music from about 8am to 10pm.  Its not to bad.  Sometimes we hear Riannah, sometimes Train… never Nickleback so thats ok.  Mainly local music.
  • Many people don’t celebrate christmas so gift giving time is new years day
  • some things are hard to do here, other are very easy – like get someone to do some concrete work or labouring.  They’ll be there the same or next day however long you want them.  I guess 70% unemployment (men in an everyday steady job) would do that.
  • we had 54 people in our little lounge room for the “Carols by Indoor Sunset” night
  • Learning language is still hard – different hard now.  I now have to try and remove some bad habits… verb forms, tenses… just lazy really.
  • I bought two large white mushrooms today.  Apparently I need to boil them for 20 mins before I fry/cook them how I would like.
  • It still blows me away we can drive to a whole other country.

thats all for now…

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  1. Great to hear some news from Lichinga 🙂 we remember our time there fondly! Sorry to hear of Kath’s broken foot …we hope that there was good treatment received in SA and that she is well healed by now! Praise God that He can use us in all situations …it is sounding like good relationships are forming with the many that you locally interact with. Please say hello and Merry Christmas to the Lichinga team, and may God, through His grace and mercy, grant you His peace and a joyful spirit in the coming year. Often in our prayers, Bron and Andre xx

  2. Hi Cameron & Kath, thanks for your note good to hear you are persevering even if it seems a bit frustrating trust you are a bit cooler than here as it is averaging around 39/40 these days a bit stormy this afternoon have got interview for shenton park hospital Thursday trust we can get all the info they need together before it am having a bit of a quiet day to hide from the heat was around 28 by 08:00 this morning with a very warm breeze. Have a good day Gb Malcolm D

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