Random happenings…

Hi all... Cam here again... Tonight there are 6 women in my lounge room getting ready to watch a girlie movie so I though it was a good time to go and do... Well anything, including writing a blog post. There are lots of little things that have happened or happening so I though I... Continue Reading →


This morning we all piled in the car to do some exploring in the outskirts of Lichinga! It was awesome. We passed through a huge farm, found an old church way out woop woop, did a bit of four wheel driving, crossed over a few dodgy bridges and saw some more amazing Niassa scenery.  ... Continue Reading →

I was so excited about traipsing around in my spotty boots during wet season. Though I'm not sure how much language study I'd get done - pretty sure Dayana wouldn't be seen dead with me wearing them. But instead I've had to resort to this. It lasted 5 minutes before my boot was sopping wet.... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Nan Beeck

Early last week our phone rang with the incoming call from Dad in Australia.  Being 2pm in Australia I knew this was news that Nan had finally passed away.  A week and a bit earlier she had suffered a major stroke although this was after she had a great Christmas and boxing day spending it... Continue Reading →

Family photos

I really dread getting family photos done! So I don't know what I was thinking when at the last minute on our mission to get some other photos taken, we decided seeing as we were all there - why not? How about because you're on top of a massive rock with three small children? Or... Continue Reading →

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