Family photos

I really dread getting family photos done! So I don’t know what I was thinking when at the last minute on our mission to get some other photos taken, we decided seeing as we were all there – why not?

How about because you’re on top of a massive rock with three small children? Or the fact that there is a MASSIVE storm approaching. Or maybe that it’s almost 6 o-clock, the kids are starving and you still gotta cook dinner. Or maybe that’s Tilly’s got a bit of a fever and Sydney’s in a super grumpy mood. Apparently none of those reasons were enough to convince me.

But – totally worth it for the amazing scenery if nothing else. Check out the view over the hills of Niassa, towards Lake Malawi. Stunning!!!

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  1. Hello Beeck family – your family photos made me laugh – it reminds me so much of ours 🙂 Even though they are not perfect they have captured you all and that still makes them special 🙂

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