Baboona Bay

We’ve been meaning to visit Mbuna Bay (or according to Tilly and Syd – Baboona Bay) for ages now so with Jack’s birthday on the horizon and the thought of a last minute party a little bit too overwhelming… we packed up the car and headed off on the 2 hour trip north to paradise.







We spent the weekend swimming, snorkelling, relaxing, sleeping, eating fantastic food and celebrating 8 years with a very special boy.







It’s so nice, it would be cruel not to take Jenn and Nath there when they visit in four weeks time! Yippee 🙂

Just want to say… The absurdity of this post following the last one is not lost on me. I shuddered to think how many buckets it would take to fill up that massive bath (or swimming pool as our porter referred to it).

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  1. Hey Guys we love it and thanks for sharing with us. WE love you and are regularly upholding you and your work is prayerl Lord bless with grace love and courage. You are sheltered under His almighty wing. Stand & E

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