I love planning! I love lists. I love ticking things off lists. I love adding things on to lists that I’ve already done so I can tick them off and make my list look better. I love schedules. I love calendars. I love neat, organised things. I love planning out my week in advance. I love knowing what to expect. I love knowing where I’m going. I love paperwork, especially if it involves lists. I love Wunderlist. I love organising cupboards. I love being prepared.

So I knew coming to live in Mozambique would be a challenge for me in terms of these things. People told me I would need to be flexible, roll with the punches and be willing to hold things lightly. I honestly had no idea of just how flexible that would mean.

Almost nothing turns out the way I plan it here. Like seriously nothing. Even to the point where now, I haven’t abandoned planning al together but in my mind I sort of have plan A, B and C running for the day. You know what usually happens though… Plan D. Something that I never even imagined possible happens and that’s what I end up doing.

And it’s not always a bad thing, sometimes plan D is great. And sometimes plan D sux.

So today here was my plan(s):
A) My grand plan was to spend the  entire day preparing for my sister’s arrival. I was going to bake and clean and organise and bask in the glorious joy of having finished school.
B) After a message from my friend my plan changed to spend a leisurely morning with the kids (+a few extras) before leaving them with Amina while I went to briefly visit my friend’s sick Grandpa, return to prepare for the arrival.
C) As above, but anticipating the visit to take a little longer than I thought, therefore not being able to  do everything on my pre-Smith’s arrival list.

But it wasn’t any of those. I got a text message at 445 (which I slept through) and then a phone call at 6am to say that my friend’s grandfather had passed away during the night. I jumped in the shower, got into my funeral wear and headed out the door at 615. I drove a car load of ladies out to a village. I sat in a room full of women crying over a lost loved one. I cried. I helped get a few things ready for the funeral. I stayed all day. I returned to very happy kids, a wonderful husband and a wonderful house… a little less perfectly clean and organised than I had planned. I got a headache. Lacking the strength and willpower to do anything else, I watched Survivor and then Grey’s Anatomy. After which I realised that the washing I put on when I got home this afternoon is still in the machine. And now I’m off to prepare for another early morning start to go to the funeral, for as long as I can before I go to the  airport.

So while today Plan D was a terrible, sad, exhausting version of my day – I wouldn’t change it. So what if there’s a washing machine full of wet clothes. So what if there’s no home baked goodies in the cupboard. So what if the house is a mess. So what if I didn’t get to all those other things on my to do list. I’m pretty sure what I was doing today was way more important than any of that. Plan D usually is.

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  1. A perfect example of the Lord’s leading, and a reminder that even more important than our list of ‘plans for today’ is being always available to hear His calling. You can say to yourself “I know He is close to me, and showing me what He wants me here for.” God bless you and all you do.

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