The Beeck Brief – March 2014


I know it’s been a bit quiet around here! But we’re still alive and doing ok. Check out the link below for a bit of an update.

The Beeck Brief – March 2014 

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  1. Hi Cam and Kath,

    It was great seeing your introduction to Jonno and Heather yesterday on the screens at Rivo. We are looking after them don’t worry.

    Thanks for your latest prayer letter. I found I could relate to it very easily and picture what you are doing these days. So keep up the communication we do want to know your needs for prayer and your praise points.

    We are enjoying our new Pastor Mike Bullard and he is helping us make a few changes like service times and tidying up how we relate and are accountable to each other.

    Our three girls have all left home now and finding their own way in the world.

    Jayelle is getting married to a great guy called Paul in August so that is still our most exciting news.

    Brenda and I have backed off doing mission trips for a while until we know where God wants us to go next.

    Bye for now.


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