We've just come back from a long weekend away for our team spiritual retreat. It was such a great time. We prayed and ate and sang and ate and swam and ate and snorkelled and ate... you get the picture. One of the highlights was meeting our pastor from our home church - Mike. It was... Continue Reading →

For Sally

I love adventuring! One of my favourite things to do is to go off exploring new paths or just making a way through the bush. It's really handy for getting around here in Lichinga. The suburbs are full of secret paths and dodgy bridges and little laneways that are just begging to be explored and... Continue Reading →

The witches are doing what???

My Mozambican friends tell some outrageous stories. When we first got here I was often shocked, flabbergasted or left scratching my head about the things that people had seen or heard and deeply held beliefs that were so far out of my world view, I couldn’t even begin to process them. When my best friend told... Continue Reading →

Riots in Lichinga

Last Thursday morning, I headed out on foot to visit a friend who lives close by. I was walking just behind our house when I heard a big group of people shouting and laughing in the distance and began to wonder what was going on. There's a certain sound that an angry mob of people... Continue Reading →

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