The house is underway!

Thanks to our wonderful support team in Melbourne, we now have a project up on the Global Interaction website to raise money for the building of the house in Massangulo! If you would like to make a contribution - click here. If you want a bit of background on where we're going and why -... Continue Reading →


I was watching Grey's Anatomy last week - you know that revolting bit when Jo pulls the leech out of that woman's nose. So gross! Critters living in my body was on the list of things I wasn't looking forward to about moving to Mozambique, so as I watched that scene last week, I was... Continue Reading →

Moving to the country!

It's now officially official - we're moving to Massangulo! We received the final lot of approval today from the Global Interaction office in Melbourne to build another house out there and the plan is that we'll move straight in after we come back from our home assignment in January 2016. Massangulo is located about 90km away... Continue Reading →

Not so subtle

 Sometimes dreams are mysterious - you wake up wondering what it was all about, perhaps there was a hidden meaning? But last night, in what was possibly the worst sleep ever, my dreams were pretty much a movie version of every single mildly worrying thought that has passed through mind in the last few weeks.... Continue Reading →

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