Not so subtle


Sometimes dreams are mysterious – you wake up wondering what it was all about, perhaps there was a hidden meaning? But last night, in what was possibly the worst sleep ever, my dreams were pretty much a movie version of every single mildly worrying thought that has passed through mind in the last few weeks. Here’s how it went down…

– I watched someone drop a baby

– I slipped over in the mud while holding a small child

– I had to cross a skinny, single log bridge over a deep ravine

– Someone made a comment implying that perhaps I’m taking advantage of my friends

– I had a conversation about how / when to appropriately give presents in Yawo culture

– I left the kayak too close to the shore and it drifted out onto the lake 

– I talked with Cam about the difficulties of life in a team

– I went kayaking with Cam and we had to navigate some MASSIVE waves

– I fell from way up high in the sky down into the ocean

– A chicken was attacking my leg?!?!?? 

Ok so that one about the chicken is just random but the rest are spot on! 

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