I was watching Grey’s Anatomy last week – you know that revolting bit when Jo pulls the leech out of that woman’s nose. So gross! Critters living in my body was on the list of things I wasn’t looking forward to about moving to Mozambique, so as I watched that scene last week, I was feeling quite thankful that we haven’t really had any gross parasite problems! Until yesterday…

Syd had had what I thought was a boil on her leg for the past few days. We’d left it alone for the most part but then it looked worse yesterday so we put a homemade honey/sugar/soap poultice on it to try and draw out the puss. When I woke up yesterday morning, I took the dressing off to check out whether it had made any difference. It didn’t look like it had improved at all. I decided I’d give it a squeeze and see if any puss would come out but to my great disgust, instead of puss, half of a maggot emerged!!! I let go and it popped back inside, out of view. 

I woke Cam up and in an effort not to alarm Syd tried to tell him in Chiyawo that she had a worm in her leg. Unfortunately he didn’t really get what I was on about so I just blurted it out. She wasn’t too worried and let me get some things together to get the little creature out. 

It was (as Syd would say) so, so, so, so, so, so gross but it came out quite easily. Hopefully it was just the one and that ginormous hole in her leg will heal up soon! 




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  1. Hi Kath, it happened to us a few weeks back too. We didn’t know what they were at first but Andrew popped his and out came the maggot. I had 5 of them,I think the Putsi fly had laid eggs on my sheet. There is only one in each sore, but they do take ages to heal up and can be a bit sore afterwards. Just thought I’d let you know so that you don’t panic when it doesn’t heal quickly.

  2. Kids bounce back wonderfully Kath, you’ve learnt to take so many things in your stride. You’ve done a wonderful job. So proud of you. XXXXX

  3. Well, maggots are great at keeping wounds clean! So, it was probably a good thing!!

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