The house is underway!

Thanks to our wonderful support team in Melbourne, we now have a project up on the Global Interaction website to raise money for the building of the house in Massangulo! If you would like to make a contribution – click here. If you want a bit of background on where we’re going and why – click here.

Mass SS


Last weekend we travelled out to the block and met the guys from the local power company to supervise the installation of some power poles. They arrived on time and had the posts in the ground in record time. The wires are now up so we have power to the site!


Cam did a quick trip to Malawi last week to pick up Jon Lawrence – our incredible volunteer builder from Australia who will be in charge of building. They bought a few essentials to get things started and today packed up the truck and headed out of town to make a start on the layout. And here they are – already hard at work!


Thanks everybody for your offers of help and your prayers. Cam and Jonny in particular will be doing a lot of travelling back and forward over the next few months so pray for their safety on the roads. It really is a team effort though, so everyone is pitching in to do their bit and we ALL really appreciate the help of everyone back in Aus. There are quite a few teams wanting to come and help out – praise God!

Check back in here for updates. If your church would like to promote the project at anytime, please let us know! We can send photos / videos / Skype etc.

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