The house in Massangulo

The guys are still making great progress with the house in Massangulo. Here are a few photos taken earlier in the week.


There’s a carport (or woodworking area depending on whether you ask me or Cam) between the container that we dropped and the house.


The verandah roof has just been put on. What an awesome, shady area to sit and chat with people and sit and watch the sunset over the mountains.


The rendering, painting and security bars on the windows are just about finished.


We currently have two volunteers working with Jonny. Mark is from NSW and is a volunteering at Massangulo veteran.
Chris from WA is out for the first time helping do all of the electrical work.


The drains are being sorted out – such an important job being on the side of a mountain in torrential rain!

Please continue to pray for all the guys working on the house – it’s a tough job out there. Thanks to everyone who has helped out in some way. Joel & Neville (both from WA) have just returned from three weeks spent there working hard alongside Jon. We are so grateful to have such an amazing place to go to when we return in a few months!

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