It is really hard to find your way around in Mozambique – you can read here about the hours I spent wandering around a suburb that I knew pretty well! There are no signs, no addresses, no street view on Google Maps and pretty dodgy resolution with the satellite photos – so navigating can be a bit tricky.

Not long before we left for Australia, a friend shared a link to what3words on Facebook. It’s a pretty amazing idea. These guys have assigned three word names to each 3x3m square throughout the entire world. It’s brilliant – you can share three words with someone to let them know to within 3m exactly where you are. I don’t know all the technical jargon but it even works offline with a compass type thing so if you’re in the bush with no internet coverage but you know where you’re headed – you just type in you’re three words and it will point you in the right direction. Hallelujah!

These guys explain it way better here.


I can’t wait to get back to Moz and start putting it to good use!

Kath at crisp.carry.tell

Check out our new house location if you like – good.vaccinated.exemptions



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  1. Hi Kath n Cameron, sorry to have missed you last Friday but was needing sort things with family in hospital and left for Adelaide Saturday, lost a few hours on friday arvo that meant couldn’t get everything done before 8 friday night. Trust you are all well.Gb Malcolm D

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