You know that heart racing, chest tightening, brain scrambling feeling you get when you have to do something that terrifies you... Or when your car almost runs off the road?  I had that feeling three times yesterday! Three times! No wonder I'm feeling tired!  We attended the last day of a conference at a church... Continue Reading →


One of the great things about being back in Australia was that Jack learned how to play soccer. He'd never really been that interested before but that was all the kids at school were doing every lunch time and recess and so he soon picked it up. He's been planning for a few months now... Continue Reading →

Come for a tour!

We've been here in Massangulo for just over a week now and we're settling in really well. The house is looking amazing, school and language lessons have started and we've been having a great time getting out and about meeting our new neighbours! We'd love you to come take a bit of a tour of... Continue Reading →

Starting for the Second Time

One thing I've discovered with this whole switching cross-cultural thing is that I don't really do transitions well. Maybe is the Aussie bloke in me that doesn't have much self-awareness of how I'm travelling emotionally, or maybe it just takes me a while to settle into a groove in a new place. It certainly took... Continue Reading →

Home in Mozambique

It has been a week almost to the hour since we arrived in Mozambique. It has been a hectic but wonderful time and we're ready to start back at "work" on Monday. So many things have gone right this week - it is really quite bizarre! We've got plenty of photos and videos to come... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the journey?

Packing, packing, packing & more packing  Sad airport goodbyes 11 hour midnight flight with 3 kids  South African immigration  Collect baggage... All 10 suitcases! Exchange money... Forget the 150 you'd stashed and go back and exchange money again  Buy a SIM card  Pick up the hire car... From Budget, not Europcar Find the hotel Drive... Continue Reading →

End of an era!

I asked Jack to get changed out of his school uniform this afternoon so I could wash it and he started to cry... Today was the last day that he will ever wear the "teal, black and white" BCPS uniform and the significance of the moment was not lost on my super sentimental little champ (It's free... Continue Reading →

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