Enjoying the journey?

Packing, packing, packing & more packing 

Sad airport goodbyes

11 hour midnight flight with 3 kids 

South African immigration 

Collect baggage… All 10 suitcases!

Exchange money… Forget the 150 you’d stashed and go back and exchange money again 

Buy a SIM card 

Pick up the hire car… From Budget, not Europcar

Find the hotel

Drive to Pretoria

Submit visa applications… Come back again tomorrow to pick them up! 

Drive to the bank… Wait in line 20 mins… Fill out deposit slip & go to back of line… Take child to toilet… Go to back of line…

Drive home, eat salami stick in piece of bread (almost a hot dog?), fall into bed. 

I told the kids at the start of the day that no matter how well everything went, it was just going to be a tough one and we’d all have to pull together and work as a team. And we did and we survived and it all went fairly smoothly really but it wasn’t my idea of fun. I said to Jack “I am just busting to be at our new house in Massangulo.” And he said to me… “Mum, slow down, enjoy this place, you won’t get to eat bacon for a while!” 

So we’ve been trying to do just that – in between visas and shopping and driving and driving and more driving – we’ve had some fun times (and plenty of bacon). None the least of which was when a cheetah jumped up on top of our van in the Lion Park today! 

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  1. Hi Kath, thanks for the update,was thinking of you all today an wondering if all was going ok. Gb Malcolm D

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