Starting for the Second Time

One thing I’ve discovered with this whole switching cross-cultural thing is that I don’t really do transitions well. Maybe is the Aussie bloke in me that doesn’t have much self-awareness of how I’m travelling emotionally, or maybe it just takes me a while to settle into a groove in a new place.

It certainly took some time the first time around in Moz back in 2012. I wasn’t really myself for a long time – not sociable, disconnected – those kind of things. It was even a bit the same coming back to Perth last year.  Feelings of dislocation and disconnect being familiar themes.

So I was mentally gearing up to come back to Moz. Another transition. Another season to wade through (actually it’s more wading for my family than me!).  But I have been pleasantly surprised that I’ve felt “in my place” since arriving back. It’s a great feeling. I’ve even had some guys hug me when I walking back into some government departments after being away for 9 months! Being a part of an expat community that is in tune with the unique pressures of life in Moz and local friends that it is just genuinely great to see again makes returning a re-location rather than dislocation. Oh, and being able to communicate with people on day one of returning in 1 and 1/2 languages makes for an interesting comparison with day one of arriving here in 2012 :-). Language makes all the difference.

Your prayers have been essential. They continue to be essential.IMG_7662

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  1. Good news Kath. Prayers are with you especially in Craigie for May, mission month. Love and good wishes to Cam, Jack. Tilley and Sydney and your beautiful self. Looking forward to your news as it happens, with lots of pics!!

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