One of the great things about being back in Australia was that Jack learned how to play soccer. He’d never really been that interested before but that was all the kids at school were doing every lunch time and recess and so he soon picked it up. He’s been planning for a few months now to pick out of bit of space here near our house to build a soccer field but it turns out they’re everywhere. On Tuesday we went down the nearest field where the big games are held and Jack jumped straight into playing with all of the kids. You fit in pretty quickly  when you have a proper ball that you’re willing to share instead of the usual wad of plastic bags… and other unmentionables. On Wednesday some of the boys came to the house to invite Jack down to play so off he went with his mate Traeger to another field closer to town. It’s pretty much the perfect way to make friends and learn Chiyawo here!

3 thoughts on “Golo!

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  1. Go Jack!

    This is great news that he can have something in common to share with others his own age, wonderful.


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  2. Go jack you look like your having fun maybe you can ask dad to flatten the soccer field it’s a bit bumpy haha

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