Bad air

Bad air is what they thought used to cause it back in the day. Back when the great white explorers with pith helmets would catch malaria in deep dark Africa and lie for days hallucinating with fevers. Mal-aria, while we know it's not the mysterious air of Africa that causes the disease the effects are... Continue Reading →

Super woman 

This post is way more interesting with the video! 😊 This lovely lady walked back from the farm with me yesterday... All 6km (uphill almost all the way) and with a baby on her back and about 30kg (maybe more?) of firewood on her head. What a legend!  ​​ ​Meanwhile I struggled up the hill... Continue Reading →

Harvest Time 

It's harvest time here in Massangulo. Hannah, Steph, Jack, Tilly, Sydney and I had the opportunity to go out to a friend's farm and help them harvest their maize yesterday. We came home completely exhausted but it was pretty good fun and we learnt a lot. For the short video recap of the day click... Continue Reading →

Ground Breakers

Things out here in Massangulo are going really well. Our new house looks amazing, it's super comfortable, we've fully unpacked and decorated and it feels like a home. We've spent a fair bit of time out and about in the community - meeting official people, going to a funeral, taking part in meetings. The kids... Continue Reading →

The importance of funerals

One of the most important community events here are funerals. The is the last chance that yawo people feel they have the opportunity to bring their departed community member before God and to plead for mercy. There is no theology of assurance within their view of God and their relationship with him and therefore there... Continue Reading →

I was there…

This is going to be a bit of an emo post… because I’m a little bit tired and a little bit homesick and still adjusting a bit to being back here… and really, to a whole new ball game out here in the village. But they’re not the only reasons I feel overwhelmed… it’s not... Continue Reading →

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