Lazy Sunday Arvo


Cam here – now that I’m writing a bit more on here we’ve had some people suggesting it may be a good idea to let you know who’s talking so there’s no confusion!

This afternoon we were kicking back for a bit of a quiet Sunday arvo, when late in the day we heard a whole bunch of commotion and the sound of a whistle floating in the air coming up the hill towards our house. After a while we realised it was the local soccer match being played down at our village’s soccer field. So, we gathered our stuff together and wandered down the hill to find a very spirited match between our village and a neighbouring village. Most people were in a uniform and there was a mix of shoes and bare feet – the intensity was high and there were plenty of people out watching and enjoying the spectacle.

I got to meet three of our neighbours and hang and chat for a while as we stood and watched from the far corner of the field. It was a great opportunity to be involved in the life of the village and to meet people on their terms.  Seems my neighbours are good blokes!

Our team lost 1 nil with a goal moments before the final whistle!



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