Buying bricks 

If you have been following our blog you would have seen Tilly busy helping build the new Chilindo. It’s a place to receive visitors and sit and chat. Tills is turning out to be quite the brickie.

…this activity requires a supply of bricks and fortunately local bricks are usually available for 1.2 to 1.5 mets each (about 40 mets to the Aussie dollar). Local bricks are moulded dirt which has been sun dried and then fired with an actual fire under a stack of bricks!

Last week I found a truck to borrow/hire and proceeded into the bush with a bloke who had bricks to sell and I picked up some other randoms looking for an afternoons work of loading bricks.

The video shows the adventure required for something like buying bricks here. If you don’t mind some bush bashing it makes for an OK afternoon!


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  1. Hi Cam, how do you know the quality of the brick to take the weight of the structure? Gb Malcolm

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