The importance of funerals

One of the most important community events here are funerals. The is the last chance that yawo people feel they have the opportunity to bring their departed community member before God and to plead for mercy. There is no theology of assurance within their view of God and their relationship with him and therefore there is a sense of desperation and responsibility that people have at funerals. They are therefore well attended, as people want many people at their own funeral in the future to petition God on their behalf.

Last week we attended the funeral of our local chief who was 87 and very well respected. Because of the reasons above and because he was a chief there was about 400 people there… A huge funeral!I had the opportunity to meet all the local chiefs and to be seen at an important local event. It was a great time to participate in such an important event and to spend time praying in the middle of it all that God would reveal to this community the person and story of Jesus. He is the game changer to our relationship with God the father and brings assurance of our position as children of God. This is what I want Yawo people to know.

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