Super woman 

This post is way more interesting with the video! 😊

This lovely lady walked back from the farm with me yesterday… All 6km (uphill almost all the way) and with a baby on her back and about 30kg (maybe more?) of firewood on her head. What a legend! 

​Meanwhile I struggled up the hill pushing my bike with a few sticks of sugar cane and a backpack weighing about 5kg. Between that trip and 5 hours harvesting I was exhausted. I fell into bed, hands sore, covered in a nasty rash – a reaction to the maize, sleepy from the phenergyn. It was so much fun but boy I’m glad I don’t have to do that day in and day out. These women are crazy strong!!! 

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  1. Oh my!! Crazy strong!! Not sure that you’ll ever be able to do that Kath, but you’re doing really well. Thanks for all the videos and stories, they’re great, and your house looks amazing.
    Love A Jen & U Mal.

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