Was it the Coffee?


*I have permission to tell this story and show the photo

This is my new mate Abudu. He called us over day as we were (the whole family) walking through the village.  We went and sat down, met the family and everyone else who was there and then we got straight into it. “I haven’t been to the toilet since December 26”. Hmmm, did I hear that right? I stole a few looks to Kath to get some confirmation… Probably not as my ChiYawo is still pretty bad, but then with some more talking and some obvious charades we established that, yes indeed, we were talking about some mega constipation.

We prayed for him that day and I visited a few more times and prayed. I figured out why he uses charades so much – he is pretty much deaf from the war of independence.  He used to be the bazooka gunner and it would make his ears bleed!

I took some laxatives to him one time but they didn’t seem to work. We built up a friendship just through visiting praying, charades and playing bawo, although nothing was working. He was still in pain. A lot of pain. I also learnt that he has tried everything, as has his family… bush medicine and hospitals… even a bush enema!! I’m not quite sure how that worked but I didn’t ask for any more details!

One day last week I branched out, after speaking to some other people here, and took a strong black coffee to him and some oil to drink.  He finished that concoction with some more laxatives, although I wasn’t hopeful.  As if a problem this serious can be fixed with a coffee and oil?!  All the while we prayed in the name of Jesus for healing.

We left to go to Lichinga for the weekend and when we returned I visited with some second hand glasses for his family member who is near sighted.  When I entered the yard I was greeted with the normal exuberant greeting that he gives me (its kind of over the top for this culture… it includes hugs!). We sat down and he told me that the day after I was there, he went to the toilet to try, not expecting anything, but then it all came out!  He was over the moon! He despatched a child to go to our house to tell me to visit, but we were gone.

Today I visited again. We sat around the fire as he explained to his son, brother and brother in law how I had visited many times and tried medicine with him, and how with the last lot he was healed. I explained to everyone that the medicine really had very little power – it was coffee and oil and over the counter tablets, hardly medicine for a chronic situation, but how we had prayed to Jesus who does have power. This was met with agreement and explanation to Abudu what had happened. We talked about maybe it was spiritual or maybe not, maybe the medicine helped, maybe not, but we all agreed that the power that healed was in the prayer to Jesus, not the few things we tried.

If you pray, please pray for Abudu and his family.  That he would continue to be healed and they would be open to hearing the story of Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Was it the Coffee?

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  1. Was about to say what a moving story, but guess I need a different adjective 😳 But it sincerely is a wonderful story of how you are doing life with these people. So thankful to God for leading the way and thanks for sharing Cam. Xx

  2. Just love hearing the day today happenings of your life Cam and Kath. You can see the hand of God in what you are doing. I use love reading and praying for you all. Sue

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