Random Photo Wrap-Up

This is just a quick post to let some random photos I have floating around on my phone see the light of day!

The other day I climbed the mountain behind our house with my current language helper just for something different to do… great views! our house and the falconers house is in the bottom left and our neighbouring village in the centre of the shot.



Hannah is our current artist in residence/teacher helping for a few months.  Its a huge blessing to have her here and our kids, as well as a bunch of other kids here, are getting a nice boost to their art curriculum while she is here.


Speaking of blessings… Steph (aka Steph Leppard) is finishing up her time this week with us as a volunteer teacher helping us with the kids.  She has been here since we arrived back and has allowed us to get a running start back into this second term.  She has made is so smooth and worked so hard while at the same time injecting her willingness to give anything a shot… including playing in the bush with Sydney while dressed in an animal onesy…


When you need quality electronics accessories, look no further than “Lisa & Garry”, the trusted name at the massangulo markets…



The lady is just plain funny… in this photo she is carrying her chicken (to be slaughtered), baby-style,  for a ceremony…


Two cute little girls on Tilly’s birthday… I could be a bit biased…


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