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Agriculture is life. No matter where you are, although here the link is a little more direct than if you live at Smith St, Jonesville in the first world somewhere. It’s hard to understand people if you cannot understand how important growing food and farming is in their day to day life. 

I always though that agriculture would be a way that I connect with people but I have a way to go to really get the way subsistence farming pervades the everyday. It’s a level deeper than farming in Australia. A bad season here means a hungry season where the family eats one meal a day shared between its members. It’s been a while in Australia since those were the consequences of a bad season. 

So I thought I would at least like to learn the rhythms and way of farming here before I try and change any part of it. So I have asked our local chief for a small plot of land that I can dig and farm the way everyone else does. I want to learn what it means to do what they do and at the same time consolidate the ideas I think can make a difference here in farming. He said I can have plot of land next to his farm. Stating in October or November I’ll be out there digging. Anyone want to come give me a hand?

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  1. Cam, great to hear that you are returning to farming. Is the plot big enough to feed your family, or is it the same size as that of a local family?

    Neil Turner

    1. Hi Neil. Most local families would have about 1 Ha or a little bigger. But that’s a lot of work digging and weeding. I want enough to have a good go and not use up all my time. Although I expect you could farm less and get the same yield. Most people here get about 1t/Ha but I think you could raise that substantially with a few changes.

  2. Sorry mate. Bum arm at the mo. Otherwise… Good luck with that. You’ll sure make the villagers happy and give them plenty to keep talking about. 😉 Good on ya tho. Gonna hire some ganyo too?

  3. Invest in one place. Make it work. Pass on the influence to a few who will then try it out and pass on to others. Sounds like a proven strategy, go for it.

  4. Good on you guys, sounds like a great point for connection and relationship to develop and grow.

    Blessings on you both

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    Director of Member Care


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  5. Hi Cam,
    Sounds like an excellent connection point with the locals. I will be interested to hear how the interaction and yields go.

    Rob Griffith

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