When I was a little girl – probably about three years old – I grabbed a steaming hot mug of coffee off the kitchen bench and spilt it all over my shoulder and chest. I don’t remember too much about the incident itself but I remember spending the next few days in hospital, having baths... Continue Reading →

On Being Productive

One of our goals in the next 6 months is to concentrate on learning language, culture and meeting and making friends in our local village.  Yesterday I spent all morning sitting with a new friend on the step of his house.  I tried my best to follow the language and the crazy stories (they're hard... Continue Reading →

DIY Paradise

I have a new idea for a tv show. It obeys the current rules of all new tv shows - A very slight change on an already proven reality tv show format. "DIY Paradise" would be based in rural Mozambique with teams getting challenges not on building a house or renovating, but... house maintenance... with... Continue Reading →

It still hurts 

Death is always present here. It doesn't only chase the old like in Australia. It doesn't discriminate. Just this week we have had 2 families in our circle affected by children dying. Kids dying in Australia is not the norm. It often makes the news. Not here. It's the norm. Tragic circumstances and just plain... Continue Reading →


It was a special day for our friends here yesterday as they celebrated the end of Ramadan. We were invited to join the party and so we headed out to one of our neighbouring villages in the afternoon. Things were pretty quiet when we arrived but it wasn't long before some of the singing &... Continue Reading →

Sunday Adventures

Last year Cam and I spent four days paddling down a river that forms the southern border of our district of N'gamma. Early on the second day we passed under a huge road bridge and ever since then, I've been wanting to drive out that way and see just what the road is like and what's... Continue Reading →

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