Back to Malawi 

Making decisions on your health when it involves a 6 hour international drive to get an opion tends to give you a “she’ll be right” attitude.  Last week I got a bit of something in my eye while doing some grinding. It’s happened before and normally just blinks away. But this time, over the next few days it got worse and worse. It’s was painful and swollen and difficult to sleep. Then yesterday it. Was a bit blurry and a visible pit near my pupil opened up. Plus, it looked like I was always giving sleezy winks to my wife… With some prodding we decided to make the drive and get it checked out. 

I walked into the lions eye clinic in Blantyre and 10 mins later a dr pulled out a bit of metal. Apparently my cornea would have gone necrotic. That’s not good. Feeling so much been already!

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