Sunday Adventures

Last year Cam and I spent four days paddling down a river that forms the southern border of our district of N’gamma. Early on the second day we passed under a huge road bridge and ever since then, I’ve been wanting to drive out that way and see just what the road is like and what’s out there.

We decided we’d spend Sunday doing just that and so we packed a picnic lunch and headed off on an adventure. Our first stop was in the next “big” village from us where we decided to check out the old railway station and the railway renovations that have been going on. The tracks have been in such a bad state that they haven’t been used for the last 4 or 5 years but they’ve almost finished work on the line to Lichinga so it should be back up and running soon hopefully. The station itself looks like it might be beyond repair…







After the railway we drove another 60 or so km through the bush. We were hoping we might see some elephants – a few people have told us they’re still living out that way, but there was nothing but baboons. There are a few villages dotted along the road so we stopped and chatted to a few different people along the way and worked out just where the eastern border of our district is.

We arrived at the river and much to the amusement of all the people passing by traipsed along the bank until we found a place to sit and have a picnic lunch. It wasn’t long before a crowd of kids caught up with us and just sat, watching us eat. I guess it was the most exciting thing happening there that day!







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