DIY Paradise

I have a new idea for a tv show. It obeys the current rules of all new tv shows – A very slight change on an already proven reality tv show format. “DIY Paradise” would be based in rural Mozambique with teams getting challenges not on building a house or renovating, but… house maintenance… with limited tools and access to supplies!

The last few weeks I have had the chance to try my hand at being an electrician, mechanic, carpenter, and plumber. A lot of the time here it’s a case of improvising, making do with what you have, and making it up as you go along (something post grad research prepared me for well!). A bit of well timed Googling also goes along way! Most of the time it goes ok but there are certainly plenty of times a quick trip to Bunnings would be very helpful to get the right tool or part…

And it’s not just restricted to me – Kath has been branching out as well… She has become quite adept at making roman blinds from scratch and freaking out the guards when she starts wielding the power tools…

If it ever does become a tv show, I reckon we’d go ok… just as long at Jonny Lawrence isn’t on the other team…

Time for an improvised washer!

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  1. Hi Cam trust you are making sure you join the right colours together when doing the electricity work would like to know you have burnt your fingers or singed your hair. All going well here. Gb Malcolm

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