What do I do?

I think some people think our lives here are terribly exotic. It’s not all elephant riding and monkey training… most weeks I do a mix of:

  • Attend yet another funeral/3day/40 day ceremony in our village
  • Try to keep our internet connection working 
  • Make sure the workers we have finishing a few last jobs on the house are going ok… and that they are not digging into water lines again
  • Visiting sick people
  • Driving to/from Lichinga 
  • Making furniture for the house
  • Playing bawo with anyone who wants to
  • Receiving visitors to our Chilindo 
  • Have many language lessons. Yes, still language lessons. I’m a slow learner. And chiyawo is hard 
  • Doing team admin stuff
  • Waiting for the wet season to come. Please come!

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    1. Hi Cam, thanks for your frank an open thoughts of how things are going, you say you play bawo, what is this really sounds a bit interesting? I have had some interesting an challenging few weeks lately, after pry and waiting things are sorting now, find sleeping following shift hours is not so easily these days. Is the weather very warm an stick while you wait for the wet Cam? Have been thinking of how you are doing an prayg for you the other day Gb Malcolm d

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