Twins Part 2

After a long run of sad stories – we have a happy one to tell! Part 1 of this story is over on the Falconer’s blog – I’m going to take off where Bek finished so maybe head there first of all - Twins (Part 1). The day after Bek had taken the twins the... Continue Reading →

Baby Steps

Its that time of year again. Every one is waiting for the rain. Time to dig the plot of land and get ready to plant. Everyone is over the heat and everything being dry and dusty - but at the same time, underneath, everyone is a bit nervous about when the rain will come. Because... Continue Reading →

It takes time to see the beauty

I have often been perplexed at the lack of artistic expression by Yawo people. They have numerous distinct ceremonies and events that are uniquely Yawo but I have always struggled to see artistic things Yawo people do simply because its pretty, aesthetically pleasing, or fun. This could be because I’m looking for things that I... Continue Reading →

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