Video Friday

We had a bit of a terrible day yesterday. Cam’s bad toothache just kept getting worse. We started planning an emergency  trip to Blantyre, managed to get an appointment for this afternoon and started the scramble to pack for an undetermined period and madly turn an ill fitting dress into a skirt. 

Not long into that we received a message from a mate to say his brother had just died. Knowing we wouldn’t be able to make it to the funeral, we decided we’d take a quick trip to Lichinga to visit the family before we left. 
We left the kids with Bek and then Scott, Cam and I headed into town. The road was a mess, it had been bucketing down so it was just a sloppy mud bath. We hit a puddle, started a spin and might have kept going had we not hit the ditch and rolled over! 

It felt like it all happened in slow motion… I was on the phone (not driving) and politely ended my call telling my friend we were having some car trouble and I’d call him back after. How ridiculous right! After we hit and made sure everyone was ok we started climbing out. And there they were… rent a crowd… but the really nice kind! 

Before we’d even opened the door a crowd of guys were milling around the car… peering in to see if we were ok. Over the next little while they helped tipped the car over and stood around offering moral support. A lovely old grandma went off and got me a stool to sit on by the muddy road. Numerous people stopped to say sorry, see if we needed help and check to see that no one has died. It’s a pretty sweet community that we’re part of. Not to mention our team mates who drove for hours to help rescue us and bring us another car. Legends. 

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  1. Praising God that your messed up day wasn’t even more messed up as it would have been if someone had got hurt! XOXO

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