New Doors

I like January.  It normally means some holidays, cricket, good weather and some new t-shirts to wear from Christmas presents.  What could be better? Its also a chance to press the reset button on things from the previous year that kind of sucked. I’m not talking about new years resolutions – I feel like that’s just setting myself up for failure. But just resetting from whatever was dragging by the end of the year.

We had lots of stuff dragging by the end of 2016, its was a tough finish to the year. So January bought with it some much needed downtime in the holidays to take stock and to breathe deep before starting 2017. It’s amazing how its easier to look ahead – to lift your eyes – when you’ve had some time in nature, time with good friends and as a family.  All of a sudden 2017 has a whole bunch of new opportunities. Not all of them are easy, and some of them require some squinting and head tilting to see them as opportunities, but they are all opportunities none-the-less.


So even though 2017 is 1/12 done (arrrrgh!!) I feel like we are walking into it with some good things ahead.  We have some things planned to look forward too, some things where we already know God is at work and some unknowns that will require Gods grace and help to navigate well. I am praying for a greater sense of Gods presence in all these things as we open these new doors.

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  1. That pic suggests you can’t see what’s through the door until you actually get there….bring on fresh opportunities…..

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