In lieu of assembly…

Distance ed for the most part is pretty great but there are a few things the kids miss out on. Phys Ed is a little bit tricky, being part of a team is hard to do and having that sense that you’re part of a bigger community who are all cheering you on can be tough. At the end of last year, Jack won the achievement award for his year 5 class. Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out a nice way to present it to him… maybe a special dinner, I was thinking we could do it at the team retreat we jut had. But nothing really felt right. We ended up doing it this morning… just the four of us before classes started and then I asked him if I could put something on here instead… to show him how proud we are of him! So if you want to pretend you’re at our imaginary school assembly and send him some words of encouragement, feel free!

He’s a pretty special kid… he not only works really hard and does a great job with school but he’s got a huge heart and he’s one of the most encouraging people I know.

Congratulations Jack!


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  1. Great work Jack & so pleased to read that you are also a great guy! Keep it up & God bless you heaps. A bit of trivia for you – just heard on TV that your name is again on top of the list of most popular boys names! 🙂

  2. Hi Jack,
    What a fantastic award to win. Gran and grandad are very proud of you, not just because of what you’ve achieved but because of who you are. We miss being close by for these special occasions.
    Love you lots, Gran and Grandad xo👍👍

  3. Great effort, Jack, and congratulations on your award! It’s wonderful reading about you and what a big heart you have…keep up the good work! 😊🎉

  4. Well done Jack, but I am not at all surprised! You always have been a very special boy, with 2 special sisters!

  5. Hi Jack, Sending you a huge congratulations on your award👏👏👏. I am a teacher who works with your Aunty Cassy, so I know how hard you must be working and also what a great kid you are. Keep up the great work📝 Mrs Oliver

  6. Well done Jack
    I did hear of your award but have only just seen the Beeck Brief !
    Your uncle and Aunty and ‘farm ‘ cousins are very proud of you Jack
    Love uncle Tim

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