Random Photos #2

Heres a bunch of photos I’ve had on my computer… so following up from Random Photo Wrap-Up a while ago, I thought I would share some more randomness… Some have been seen as the feature image on the blog, but if you follow this blog by email you would have missed them!

Half of my photos seems to be sunsets… its hard not to take them when they are like this though.  We are quite blessed with a place where we get a prime view of them nearly every night!  The two first ones are from the Zomba Plateau a few months ago – it was an amazing sunset with a perfect spot to view it sitting on top of a mountain.


This one is jus from our verandah – often as the dishes are being washed there is the shout, “hey everyone, check out the sunset”!!


This one was taken in Malawi at our team retreat… all the more beautiful as there were giraffes and other African animal things running around!



Taken just last week and we were sitting waiting – a common past time here 🙂



Mozambique Island in January: you can take only so many photos of old doors but I do like this one.  It was out the back of a cool antiques shop.


The other weekend we all went out to “the farm” to do some weeding and to fertilise the maize.This is a typical early morning scene here – the roof of the hut smoking and steaming as the heat from the fire inside heats the moisture in the grass roof.


…and kath looking pretty out in the bush…


The final photo is from Jack – he recently discovered our old neglected digital camera in the drawer and so dragged it out for a play… here’s one of his first efforts! I think he may have an eye for it!






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