Balance in communication

It’s been a while since I blogged here.  It’s been super busy but I’m not sure if thats the reason I haven’t been blogging… It just seems like there’s not much to tell – or too much, I can’t decide.  Do people really want to know about the day to day stuff that it takes to do life here? Like the hospital visits with friends for malaria tests or the getting ready for team conferences – or the endless driving on bad roads. How long can we talk about these things before its just not interesting anymore?

I think it’s a temptation most cross-cultural workers fall into.  We just get involved in what we are doing and it is actually hard to communicate our context in ways that is understandable but also conveys the complexities and struggle. So we can either revert to nothing, surface level tid bits of information or, we overwhelm people with heavy stories that are difficult to relate to.  I don’t think either is a good option – actually I guess the second two are ok, they just need to be balanced.

So here’s an attempt at balance 🙂

We have just come back from a week or team conference – we spent time discussing and giving presentations on various topics relating to strategy and how to do what we do in a sustainable way.  We also spent time in meetings discussing how we as a team are going to transition from the Mozambique and Malawi teams into one team.  All these things were good and we had good outcomes, but it was an intense 5 days of taking and listening.  Even for me, a raging extrovert, there were moments when it was a bit much! It was kind of like going to a conference except because we all have so much “buy in” it becomes emotional and intense.  It was heavy even though it doesn’t sound like it! But it was good stuff…

…but then we finished it with a few days at the lake unwinding and relaxing with friends. There was time to sleep in the afternoon, swim and BBQ! We are always reminded whenever we go there that we need to go there more often… although the road is rather bad, it takes about 2 hours to go the 60km to get there – it’s so worth it


If there is anything you have been wondering about what it is like to live and work here please ask you questions.  It would really help me shape what to tell you!

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  1. I love all your blogs,they give a great insight into life for you guys & inform praying. Keep them coming! Blessings, Jenny

  2. Hi Cam, we really love your blogs, it allows us to start to appreciate all the struggles and the joys that are part of your life in Mozambique. Your Dad shares a little about the study groups you have started with the men, it sounds encouraging, please share with us some of this work. We also love hearing about your “farm”, and of course all about the kids.
    Be encouraged, we love the good, the bad, and of course the ugly, we need to hear it all. Looking forward to your next blog,
    Richard Errey

  3. Cam, I have missed your blogs and I am particularly interested in learning how the farm plot is going and what you have learned this season?

    Neil Turner

  4. “Arrh, the serenity” is what came to mind when I saw the lake photo. Sounds like you might have had a small taste of the “serenity” at the lake. God bless, protect & provide for you all, all the time 🙂

  5. I like the variety and your insight as you write this way. I always feel drawn to your situation and to God when I read your posts. Sometimes there will be less or nothing to say, and sometimes more, and that’s just what sharing life is like – harder for you as it’s a bit one-way!
    Go with your gut – hopefully not a pressure.
    So good to hear of your finding some space and relaxing at the lake. I appreciate that life for you may often be crowded, if not with people and situational demands, then with new language and culture to grapple with. Yes more lake time.

    1. Hi Cam, I have missed your blogs! Every day I would open my i pad to see if there was a msg from you! I love to hear all of what you and Kath are doing in your day to day life, the video clips and of course how the kids are going. It makes me pray more fervently for you all. It’s great that you were able to have some R& R at the lake. It’s so important for you as a family. I admire what you are doing and love to hear the ups and downs of your day to day life. God bless Sue

  6. Hi Cameron an Kath, thanks for you updates, it helps us to support you in our pry. Off to take father for micro surgery on some cancer on his cheek, could take 2-4 hrs, he is reasonably well. Saw a video of the time the other month while Sally was there, was good to hear from a different angle. Still a bit stressful at work but reasonable, trying to stretch the dollar with out having enough staff. Gb Malcolm D

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