Things to be grateful for in Australian Supermarkets

  • Anything in the “Glad” range of products. Nothing comes close to Glad Wrap!
  • Tim Tams really are the world’s greatest chocolate biscuit. Just a superb combination of textures. I can’t figure out why they haven’t taken the world by storm.
  • The array of curry paste’s available.
  • The quality of yogurt and variety.
  • Fresh dairy. All the time.
  • Ice cream that has had a consistent cold chain and is reasonable priced
  • Good range of Asian ingredients.
  • Cheese that is mould free (when its not meant to have mould) and doesn’t cost $40 for the privilege of buying said mouldy cheese!
  • You don’t have to count a brick of devalued cash at the till in front of everyone carried in a pencil case.

So if someone could please enjoy the following for me today that would be great: a tim tam, some passionfruit double cream yogurt, connoisseur icecream, a masters ice coffee, a good curry with some fresh coriander, and some brie cheese with those little waffle crackers!

That’s enough for today 🙂

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