The judge

It was 11pm, the day after we arrived in Massangulo. I sat perched on the edge of a small bed in the room of our best friends here. We had been called to say our friend was really sick but by the time we arrived, he had already passed. I sat there aware of the warmth of his leg radiating through the blanket pressed against my back. His wife sat on the bed behind me, every now and then shaking his legs under the blanket, desperate attempts to wake him up. The small room was packed: ten or so neighbours and family members, our village chief – the dead man’s sister, and three uzungus. People had heard the news and gathered to see what was going on and start mourning. Others sat outside, scattered around the yard.

I’m not sure how long I sat there, tears streaming down my face, the sleeves of my orange hoody covered in snot and desperately praying for a miracle. After some time, some more neighbours arrived. The man, a chief judge in our court here, arrived in a suit and thongs and quietly and kindly asked me to move off the bed. I’m not sure that he really knew what he was doing but he seemed to command the room nonetheless.

I moved to a small stool near the bed, behind a woman who had been crying on and off the whole time we’d been there. As the judge reached his hands under the blanket to feel the body, the woman started to weep again. I placed my hand on her shoulder and rocked her gently. With his hands under the blanket on my dead friend’s arm, the judge turned and looked me in the eye and asked, “Weren’t we just together today?” I nodded a reply. He too seemed baffled by the sudden loss.

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    1. I am so sorry! I cannot believe you have more loss to deal with. Lots of love from us her in far away Perth xx

  1. Oh Kath,
    I am so sorry. A trip home that was supposed to be so joyous and yet filled with so much sadness and to return to yet more sadness. Yet when you were here you still found time to reach out to others in thanks and gratitude amidst all your grief. May you truly experience abundant joy through your mission in caring for others…..


  2. So sorry to hear of your loss Kath , you are such a beautiful soul, I’m sure all your little family and friends over there were just so please to have you back to comfort them❤️ In this sad time. Bless you and stay safe.

  3. We are so sorry to hear this Kath. It is not the return you expected. Sometimes life throws us curved balls. I’m glad that ultimately God is still in control and will enable you. Be blessed.

  4. oh Kath, my heart goes out to you. Precious that you can be there with your friend, you will be united in a stronger bond than ever…I remember a similar moment with a dear friend whose little boy had just died in an accident….our bond is so strong now. God is with you – just be real and be you. Thats enough xx

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