The December Deluge PtII

Part I

After the initial shock of the storm we started to visit our friends and contacts in the 3 villages close to us. As we visited we noticed the area chief visiting as well taking note of who was affected by the storm.  Quickly we decided that we could respond by helping those worst affected by providing some care packages.  Kath and Bek went to a nearby village who had market day and bought up all the plastic sheeting and blankets they had and some food provisions.  The next day Scott and Cam delivered these care packages with the area chief.  It quickly became apparent though that we needed double the amount so we found the next village with a market day on and bought all the supplies for another 20 care packages! It was a small help but made a difference and in some way people felt they were seen and noticed.


As well as damage to the houses of locals the education department was hit extra hard in the storm.  The roof to two of the school buildings were ripped off as well as the roofs to the two small building serving the district offices for the education department. The two small offices house 25 staff for the district and all their computers and documents have unfortunately been ruined in the rain!



As a way of responding to the immediate crisis we have set up a project at the Global Interaction website to respond to this immediate need for the school to get back up and running, as well as the offices for the staff. This school is the only school in the district that offers schooling from year 1 to 12! After the immediate needs of locals this is the best way we feel we can support the community in this situation.  If you would like to support please follow the link above.


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