Journey to the hospital

We don’t go to the hospital very often here really but today, a number of our friends and neighbours all headed there at once…

She fell off her bike on Sunday afternoon, caught her leg on the frame and cut it wide open. She needed 12 stitches, all done with no painkillers and thread like fishing line so thick you could pull in a marlin. She headed back to the hospital this morning for a check-up. The wound is healing well but she’s in a terrible amount of pain, struggling to walk and unable to tend her farm.

He stayed awake all night, his wife having cut her leg open on her bike and unable to walk, taking care of two small, sick children. Desperate for help, he took them to the hospital at 3am, making the 4km journey on a motorbike in the rain through ankle deep mud… only to be told that there was no one there to help. He headed back this morning to try again. Both kids tested positive for malaria and now have treatment and children’s panadol –  a bonus as it is rarely in stock.

She was 9 months pregnant, off in the early morning fog to cart water with her Mum. On arriving at the well, the pains of childbirth started. Taking the water buckets with them, the made the 3km journey on foot to the hospital. A beautiful, healthy baby born was born soon after they arrived. Mum is also doing fine – a wonderful, happy beginning for a family still reeling from the death of their father.

He went to bed, all was well. By 3am he could barely move or talk, had a backache, headache and a raging fever. The village gathered, as word spread that one of their leaders was gravely unwell. Someone sent for help, asking the neighbours to bring the car. They carried him out and laid him in the back and piled as many others in as possible and started on their way to the hospital. His malaria test was negative… no one seems to know what’s wrong but it’s not looking good and we’re praying for a miracle for this lovely man, one of the head guys in our local mosque.

Just the day before, he’d called attention to his friend, sitting in the hut burning up, barely able to move and now he too had fallen prey to malaria. His friends tried to get him on the motorbike, but he didn’t have the strength to stay on. He waited until the morning, when he could get a better ride and made his way to the hospital. He tested positive and now has treatment and some panadol.


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  1. Hi Cameron and Kath, trust your Christmas was an enjoyable time for all. Happy Christmas and bright new year Gb Malcolm

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  2. When I was waiting for over 3 hours in the emergency dept of our local hospital, Albany, in the middle of the night this week, thinking a 3+ hour wait was too long in a small hospital, my mind went to other countries where a trip to the hospital is 100 times worse, as is the long waiting cue, & the service & treatment. So sorry to hear of those people’s illnesses & issues, but hope mother & baby are fine at least. I was relieved your family weren’t the ones needing a hospital though! We’re all OK too. XO

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