Core Business

I spent the morning out at my little farm today. I was there to weed – essentially hoeing the space between the rows of maize and burying the weeds. It hard work which people do for weeks at a time at this time of year.

When I arrived I saw a pretty sad looking plot of maize. Which is to be expected really as I have rarely been out there this year… I have had many other more important things to do and focus on. It’s not the worst maize that I have seen this year and it’s certainly not the best maize, but it’s a bit embarrassing for someone who has working in the Ag industry and knows all the technical stuff.


But as I was digging I realised I didn’t really mind that much – I don’t mind having an ordinary maize plot and as I was digging I was wondering why that was. I came to Mozambique with a thought at the back of my mind that maybe one day I could do some Ag development. This plot of maize is certainly no advert for how things should be done! The longer I have lived here though I have realised thats not why God called me to come to Mozambique. I know some people who were called for that reason and they’re doing a great job. But I had the clarity this morning that farming is not part of my identity here – It’s not my core business. Yep, I do think that Yawo people could benefit from some improved Agricultural output but they do ok… to use Agricultural thinking, I don’t think it’s their limiting factor in life. They generally have enough maize to eat and there isn’t much scope to sell it if they grow an excess. The Yawo do have other limiting factors in life and there big ones that stand out for me is the limiting factors of fear and powerlessness.

Fear and powerlessness seep into every facet of life, from health to relationships, spiritual and even pervade agriculture. My call here is to bring the person and story of Jesus to Yawo people in our little area of Massangulo.  The presence of Jesus blows fear away and brings us in a relationship with the God of the universe.

I will still have my little farm – it a great way to be a part of the rhythms of life here and it’s a great talking point, but as the central reason I’m here? Not really. I’m content with my average little plot.

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