Video Friday: Bringing in the Harvest

Normally, around this time of year, people are starting to harvest their Maize or in the middle of it.  This year, with Ramadan starting on the 17th of May here, most people have already harvested.  Harvesting in the middle of the day on and empty stomach is not advisable or enjoyable.

Yesterday I took the opportunity to do the bulk of my little plot.  Have a look at the video below…Like any farmer, I’ve only shown the best part of the field!

3 thoughts on “Video Friday: Bringing in the Harvest

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  1. Is the Maize a different variety to the one grown in Aust? They soil looks quite productive and a rich loam and would just about grow anything. Do they grow other vegetables or cereals? Are any of the fold stockmen?

    1. It is a different variety – its is white maize so very low on sugar. The solid is fantastic although lacks any improvement from fertiliser etc so it runs out of nutrients after a few years… they grow other things in location closers to rivers and other low lying areas.

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