Random Photo Update

Hi all… Its time to bring you all up to date with a few random happenings in our neck of the woods through some random photos…

Tobacco time – Tobacco harvest is in full swing. The leaves have been picked and dried and now is the time to collect the big bucks for all the hard work through the year.  After that have graded and bundled it all up they will go and line up at Mozambique Tobacco Leaf Company and get $0.5 – $2 per kg. Do you think they’re getting a fair deal?


MTV – These young fellas are cutting edge of the music scene here in Massangulo.  They came up and asked if they can film their music video in front of our house! This was the second shooting session. The came with multiple outfit changes and choreographed moves!


Building Time – Our home village is busy making a new Mosque. Its quite impressive how they have self funded a building this size.  They hope to get it finished in time for Mid prayers at the end of this Ramadan! Not sure if they’re going to quite make it but they’re giving it a good crack.


Animals with Names – Mozambicans really don’t give names to animals… it is very much a white person thing. Our friends here think it hilarious that not only do our cats have names but that our kids have named our 8 chickens! The little cat below is a friendly cat at the Shehe’s house in a distant village we visit a bit.  I named him Frank the first time we were there and the name has stuck… they are all now calling him “Flank”.



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