The injustice of it all…

Quite often we find our morning hijacked by an emergency visit to the local hospital. This morning was no different. I was just about ready to hop on my motorbike to go visit a village about 40 mins away when we was asked to help transport a child to the hospital.

The child is a nephew of one of our workers and after another local friend who’s medical option is respected came back with a grim face we decided to child needed to go to the hospital. Apparently they’ve already been but we decided they need to go back.

We arrived at the house after squeezing through some tight alleyways in the car to find a listless child of maybe 5 all swollen.

Once we got the child to hospital the doctor diagnosed anemia and our friends found a willing O- donor for a price of about 1/3 a months wage. The blood transfusion was happening a couple hours later.


I’m now writing the next day sitting in at the funeral for the same child. At about 4pm we heard the child had died in hospital. It’s a common story but it still sticks. We can become desensitised to this type of injustice but this time I’m again struck with the loss and injustice of many aspects of life here.

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  1. We so desperately need Christ to return, to bring justice to this world. We (many of this world’s people) will have so much to answer for when Jesus returns!

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