Video Friday: Deep Yawo

At one point today I had to pinched myself, as there I was in the bush involved in a deep Yawo ritual. Who gets to see this stuff? No pre-packaged-off-the-beaten-track tour will get you these type of experiences.  They only come with time and relationship.

It was the day where a group of young girls had finished their initiation rituals and were now coming back to the village and their families – it’s a big day of celebrations. I was invited to join as some good friends had a family member with a daughter in group. Have a look at the video for a window into Yawo culture…

2 thoughts on “Video Friday: Deep Yawo

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  1. Hey Cam and Cath

    Thanks For sharing. Yeps what a privilege to be relationship and keep learning the culture. Yawo people in Africa have soo much spirit and zest. His peace to you all

    James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.


    Deb Griffith
    Cultural Participation in Cambodia

  2. Wonderful to see a very small snippet of some of the cultural things you are experiencing Kath and Cam. A testament to your relationship building.

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