Random Photo Catchup

It’s been a while since I have blogged anything, and as I was looking through my photos from the last few months I realised theres many stories there, plus a few good shots!

September is the month of initiations. For Boys it’s a month long camp away from the village learning about what it is to be a Yawo man. For the girls a little less time but similar learning about moving from childhood to adulthood. With people that we know well, we are often invited to the party that signals the end of the initiation and welcomes the children back to the village.  These are huge, chaotic, noisy events that are often great fun. What strikes me is that these kids are celebrated by the whole village just for being who they are – they are not celebrating achievements or status, just that they are returning to the village.



This is one of my friends, Hassan, who lives in the neighbouring village. He is an intelligent guy who knows multiple languages, spent time in South Africa and has WhatsApp on his phone…



The World cup was well followed here in Massangulo and so when the Australia game came up we organised a big screen in our carport and invited some of the local soccer nuts around! It was great fun!

This is one of our local soccer teams. I was invited along to one of the games as offical photographer.  I think they re hoping I’m going to get it printed one day for them all. 🙂 There’s nothing Mozambicans love more than getting their photo taken!

What a day this was! We follow the Eagles whenever we are home and with internet.  God was very gracious to us and gave us not only a day of great internet but a premiership to the mighty WEST COAST EAGLES!


We had a project appeal recently to dig a new bore.  A couple of months ago we found a bore hole crew in the area and they came and dug the first hole… after few days of digging the 31m hole didn’t deliver much water… they’re here again in a few days to try again.  Please pray there will be enough water for us and to share with our neighbours in the village.

Not really much of a story to this other than CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THIS CHAMELEON! He was just in the tree out from our backyard when the cat discovered him and got rather startled!

Peoplethink its pretty weird that we name animals that we own.  They find it hard to believe out cats have names, but when they hear that our kids have given each of our 8 chickens names they cant quite believe it.  So in the spirit of being weird I’ve started naming peoples cats for them.  This one that Sydney has is called “Frank” – pronounce Flank here! I recently names another “Nikki”.  We’ll see if the trend takes off…


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  1. I loved your photos and comments especially about the Eagles win!!
    Now praying and hoping for photos of water from your new well, soon…

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