Bob Pt2

As you may have heard from this post, my friend Bob* (not his real name :-)) recently became a follower of Jesus. As I mentioned at the end of that story, not only are both of his wives also followers of Jesus now but he has four friends who also want to hear the stories... Continue Reading →

May Missions Month 2019

May Missions Month is coming up very soon and as always, Global Interaction has put together some great resources for you to use in your church, small group or just by yourself. If you'd like to download a short (3:30) video update of what's going on in Massangulo, Mozambique for use in your church, small... Continue Reading →


Close to a year and a half ago, I was on my motorbike heading out to a village about 45 mins away.  I had been doing some bible stories out there and visiting people - so I was regularly riding past a bunch of villages to get to this place out near the Malawi border. ... Continue Reading →

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