Bob Pt2

As you may have heard from this post, my friend Bob* (not his real name :-)) recently became a follower of Jesus. As I mentioned at the end of that story, not only are both of his wives also followers of Jesus now but he has four friends who also want to hear the stories of the bible and Jesus. He told me about his four friends at the end of last month. Each time they’ve had plans this week to come to our place, it has bucketed down with rain. Yesterday we decided we would just wait until another day.

This morning I was busy working on the building project we have going on (see all the other blog posts at the moment eg: here) when Bob turned up with not four, but five guys. They had travelled the 18 km by foot and bike through the rain and mud to come hear the stories of the bible. Apparently they couldn’t wait any longer… So, I left the guys to the building and we started from the beginning and took a 3 hour flying trip through the key stories of the Bible. Once at the end, I asked what their response to this good news was. Bob spoke on their behalf and said, “Each of these men want to follow the path of Jesus, and we would like you to take our photo and names so you can let others know about the new path we have decided to follow”. Wow, I got him to repeat himself a few times as I was struggling to understand – My language is still at the stage that when a conversation takes an unexpected twist I can struggle to pick up the meaning of what people are saying. So it seemed these guys had really chosen this day as a marker to hear all the stories and say, “this is the day we started something new”. They had really come with the decision already made in their hearts!

Please pray for these guys and particularly for Bob – they tell me there are many others in their village who now want to hear the stories of the Bible and hear the good news of Jesus the Messiah.

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  1. Hi Cam
    Thanks for all your news about Akumassangano and his friends. It brought tears to my eyes to read this truly wonderful story. We’ll be remembering you and particularly Akumassangano and will pray for safety, strength and wisdom as they return to the village with this news. The Lord bless you and the family as we remember how the Lord gave His life that we might live.
    We’re enjoyed seeing Scott and Bek and the family yesterday at North Beach Baptist.
    Trevor and Lorna

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